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Mixmaster AG — an old-school DJ master, active since the end of 80s. Disco mixing, Latvian Beat, Universal Groove Music and real Funk from the old plates — things associated with Andris in Latvia. During the festival the disc jockey who plays various styles and pays special attention to mixing and creative playing process will share his views of funk world while playing and speaking.

“Pieneņu Vīns” is Latvian band, formed in 2005, playing its own repertoire. During 10 years it has participated in numerous local and international festivals and contests and is known for its friendly concert atmosphere and creative digital projects.

Awards and festivals: “MicRec Open4”, “Tu Esi Pamanīts”, “Eirodziesma 2011”, “Labākā Debija 2011”, “Dziesma 2013”, “Bildes”, “Fonofest”, “Sarkasms”, “Bauzlande”, “Sigulda Jazz, “Zem Viena Jumta”, “Jazz Sessions Artelis”, “Pārdaugavas svētki”, “Jazz Days Liepaja”, “Shine Cafe Festival”, “Klaipeda Sea Festival”, “Lelle Alternatiiv”, “Clazz Jazz”, “Live in Blue Bay”, “International Jazz Day Latvia 2014”, “Riga Funk Fest 2014”. Collaborations: Serge Junior Robinson, Inga Bērziņa, “Platz Für Tanz”, “Danceradio”, Tommaso Troncon, Fil Straughan.

The band prepared a new funk program especially for Riga Funk Fest, arranged for keys, guitar, bass, drums and voice together with the whole brass section: baritone, tenor and alto saxophones, trumpet and trombone.


Riga Flow Beings (formed in 2015) is a free improvisation band where the music can be extremely precise with variated grooves and polyrhythms, in contrast mixed with abstract harmony where the modal and polyphony aspects meets in counterpoint. Emotionally rich with spiritual healing energy. The goal of this band is to be spontanious and free within diferent structures. Music combines the history of tradition and discovers the new musical potential. Their music is about the energy, sound and new directions.

Deniss Pashkevich is a John Coltrane spirit based saxophonist who has been one of the main mentors for the new generation musicians around the Baltic states. He has been playing all around the world and has a very rich musical experience. Rihards Fedotovs is a groove based modern drummer. He has been living in Denmark and USA for more than eight years where he proved himself as an outstanding musician in fusion, jazz, gospel and modern pop music genres. Rudolfs Macats is an abstract pianist who has a tension within sound and he is always looking for new harmonical colors. He feels comfortable playing in silence. He makes music based on his body respond towards sound frequency, not so much on the harmonical logistics. Living in Netherlands gave him a deep understanding of a music tradition.


The Coco'Nuts band was born in 2012, and their music connects various music genres, among them — the variations of funk / bluesrock / alternative jazz. The band has performed in different clubs and bars: Kanepe Cultural centre (LV), Geltonos sofas klubas (LT), Kalnciema quarter (LV), Teātra bārs (LV), as well as a couple of clubs in Austria and French Alps. Has participated in BILDES festival (LV), LMA Carnival (LV), Tartu Indie fest (EE), Sostines dienos (LT) and Positivus festival (LV). In spring of 2014 released their first EP album „Appetizer”, available both in physical and digital formats. The Coco’Nuts plan to release a full CD this year.



Ama motion is a funk / RnB instrumental band, founded in 2013. In the beginning the band included 3 musicians playing drums, bass and guitar, later saxophonists, a trumpet player and a keys player joined. The band plays original compositions, experimenting and mixing styles. Every band member performs with the other bands, known in Latvia and abroad, but this project was formed to let musicians truly groove. The band started its existence with the first single — original composition Mister W by Aleksandrs Ozols, dedicated to Victor Wooten. The band consists of Aigars Lībergs (drums), Aleksandrs Ozols (bass), Mārcis Vasiļevskis (guitar), Andris Kauliņš (keys), Valters Šmits and Artūrs Sebris (tenor sax), Gatis Gorkusa (trumpet).


Funkology Project: From autumn till spring a concert series "Funkology" took place in the “Pulkvedim neviens neraksta” night club, dedicated to jazz/funk music legends, represented by a local artist chosen especially for this event. The “Very Cool People” summer concert will be a real open-air funk music party featuring guests Ralfs Eilands, Aija Vītoliņa, Kristīne Prauliņa, Evilena Protektore and the best compositions from "Funkology" concert series.

Four prominent musicians will help VCP in this concert — Oskars Ozoliņš (trumpet), Laura Rozenberga (trombone), Kristaps Lubovs (saxophone) and Ritvars Garoza (keys). The band promises the greatest party! The band “Very Cool People” consists of: Elvijs Grafcovs (guitar), Māris Jēkabsons (saxophone), Māris Vitkus (keys), Valters Sprūdžs (bass) and Andris Buiķis (drums).



The headliners of the Riga Funk Fest 2015, Gin‘Gas (LT) have been into music for 25 years. The line-up of the band has been changing until recently when recordings of a new album were started. The core of the band are 9 musicians from different parts of Lithuania — Siauliai, Vilnius, Klaipeda and Panevezys, who have formed a United Funk Front. With their diverse hot music those guys can make any audience move and sink in its groove joining the whooping band, whose exploding charge of funky jazz soul music is tuned to the listener’s energy and strength of their legs. Every tune is a super hit that creates the atmosphere of a blowout when you can’t keep dancing even if you have never tried hip-hop before.


Rigas svetki 2015


Riga Flow Beings

The Coco'Nuts

AMA motion

VCP Funkology

Pieneņu Vīns in Brass

AMA motion & Riga Flow Beings mini-jam

AMA motion mini-jam

The Coco`Nuts mini-jam

VCP Funkology mini-jam


Pieneņu Vīns mini-jam


Mixmaster AG


Elvijs Grafcovs, Ralfs Eilands, Evilena Protektore

Ralfs Eilands (Very Cool People)

Evilena Protektore (Pienenu Vins)

Arta Jekabsone (Bunch of Gentlemen)

Olgerts Dreimanis (O'Night Quartet)

Raivo Stashans

Vladimirs Tuzovs, Eriks Kibermanis

Eriks Kibermanis (Bunch of Gentlemen)

Vladimirs Tuzovs (FunCOOLio)

Deniss Pashkevich (Funk Therapy)

Aleksandrs Ozols, Andris Kaulinsh

Andris Kaulinsh «Pienenu Vins»

Elvijs Grafcovs «Very Cool People»

Aleksandrs Ozols «O' Night Quartet»

Miguel Andres Hernandez Giraldi «Funk Therapy»

FunCoolio at Riga Funk Fest 2014

O'Night Quartet at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Very Cool People at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Deniss Pashkevich Funk Therapy at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Pienenu Vins at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Bunch of Gentlemen at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Rigas svetki 2015

Every year there are more and more musicians that play funk music, the number of listeners interested in it grows rapidly, that’s why Wise Music Society team got the idea to gather most of these bands in one place and organise a festival called Riga Funk Fest. This is the second year of the festival, and the first year gathered a lot of listeners from all over the world, enjoying the open-air concert dedicated to the style of music that compiles soul, jazz and RnB, filled with such energy and drive that one just can’t stand still. This year's line-up is an experiment - experiment with instruments, musicians, program, funk sounds and mixing styles, and the aim of it is making every listener feel a part of large joyful funk music community.

Wise Music Society was founded by music theorists and practitioners, enthusiasts who have education, experience, passion and knowledge about jazz, funk and other music genres as well as a wish and the means to contribute to the development of Latvian music scene.

We want to help listeners to find new WISE music, and bands — to find their listeners and attract new target audience. We want to build a strong and united music community that could share experience, organize and enjoy events and make music that’s close to every listener.

Read more about our projects here: http://wisemusicsociety.lv/en/projects

+371 26 77 07 07


Rigas svetki 2015

Riga Funk Fest is located in Spikeri Square.

Rigas svetki 2015