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FunCOOLio is an instrumental band founded in 2007, the band plays music in the styles of funk/fusion using jazz elements. The name of the band consists of two words — “Funk” and “Coolio” (a popular in the 90s R’n’B artist). Funcoolio plays their own compositions uniting funk from the 70s with the structure of modern electronic music and unique sound of the Hammond organ. The band has performed with such musicians and projects as Deniss Pashkevich and Funk Therapy, Mixmaster AG, Very Cool People, S&T Syndicate, Pieneņu Vīns, Raimonds Macats & RM5, Aivars Hermanis, Roberts Gobzinsh and Raphael Wressnig (Austria).


Electroacoustic band O'Night Quartet plays modern instrumental music mixing live sound with loops and digital effects. The band plays original compositions with funk, house, nu-disco and improvisation elements. The band consists of Olgerts Dreimanis — drums, Mihail Kasper — keys, Aleksandrs Ozols — bass guitar and Kristaps Lubovs — saxophone.


Very Cool People is an instrumental band that plays music in jazz-funk and fusion styles. The listeners of VCP music are not only jazz lovers and musicians, but also people who have never yet been acquainted with jazz and fusion music genres. VCP try to make complicated and serious music easy comprehendible and enjoyable to every single person. VCP play their original music that consists of different jazz, funk, hip-hop and soul music elements.
They also embellish their music with some non typical effects.


Deniss Pashkevich Funk Therapy is one of the leading funk and groove bands in the Baltic States that plays original compositions in the best traditions of funk. Deniss Pashkevich is a flautist, saxophonist, composer, producer and a teacher of jazz and improvisational music, gained his education both in classical and modern rhythmic directions. Deniss is inspired by the music of John Coltrane. Throughout the years of his career Deniss has become the accompanying musician of three major sound recording studios — Marca Reeds (France), Theo Wanne (USA) un P.Mauriat (France), has participated in recording over 20 albums, one of last and very important is Latvia-Denmark collaboration — Frank/Pashkevich Quartet album “Outlook”.


Pieneņu Vīns — funk-jazz-fusion band founded in 2005. Now the band consists of 6 professional musicians that are constantly improving their music skills while participating in a vast amount of workshops, projects, competitions and festivals. The band has won several competitions, such as MicRec Open4 (2007), Tu Esi Pamanīts (2008), participated in festivals: Bildes, Fonofest, Sarkasms, Bauzlande, Sigulda Jazz, Zem Viena Jumta, Jazz Sessions Artelis, Pārdaugavas svētki, Jazz Days Liepaja, Shine Cafe Festival 2013, Klaipeda Sea Festival (Lithuania), Lelle Alternatiiv, Clazz Jazz (Estonia), Live in Blue Bay (Ukraine), Dziesma 2011, Eirodziesma 2013, International Jazz Day Latvia 2014. The band has collaborated with such musicians and projects as Serge Junior Robinson, Inga Bērziņa, Platz Für Tanz, Danceradio, Tommaso Troncon, Fil Straughan.


B of G is a union of young Latvian jazz musicians that was born inspired by such world famous bands as Tower of Power, James Morrison and the Hot Horns Happe. Together they are nine gentlemen: Viesturs Grapmanis — trumpet, Krists Kristaps Liepa — trombone, Roberts Martinovskis — soprano, alto and tenor saxophone, Kristaps Lubovs — tenor saxophone, Eriks Kibermanis — baritone saxophone, Rihards Goba — guitar, Dāvis Bindemanis — piano, Ivars Dauksts — bass guitar, Kalvis Slezhis — drums, and one lady — a singer Arta Jekabsone.


Elvijs Grafcovs, Ralfs Eilands, Evilena Protektore

Ralfs Eilands (Very Cool People)

Evilena Protektore (Pienenu Vins)

Arta Jekabsone (Bunch of Gentlemen)

Olgerts Dreimanis (O'Night Quartet)

Raivo Stashans

Vladimirs Tuzovs, Eriks Kibermanis

Eriks Kibermanis (Bunch of Gentlemen)

Vladimirs Tuzovs (FunCOOLio)

Deniss Pashkevich (Funk Therapy)

Aleksandrs Ozols, Andris Kaulinsh

Andris Kaulinsh «Pienenu Vins»

Elvijs Grafcovs «Very Cool People»

Aleksandrs Ozols «O' Night Quartet»

Miguel Andres Hernandez Giraldi «Funk Therapy»

FunCoolio at Riga Funk Fest 2014

O'Night Quartet at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Very Cool People at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Deniss Pashkevich Funk Therapy at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Pienenu Vins at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Bunch of Gentlemen at Riga Funk Fest 2014

Every year there are more and more musicians that play funk music, the number of listeners interested in it grows rapidly, that’s why Wise Music Society team got the idea to gather most of these bands in one place and organise a festival called Riga Funk Fest. Listeners will have an opportunity to enjoy the open-air concert dedicated to the style of music that compiles soul, jazz and RnB, filled with such energy and drive that one just can’t stand still. Every band that takes part in the festival represents funk music in its own way, demonstrating all sides of it and mixing it with other styles, experimenting with the sound.

Wise Music Society was founded by music theorists and practitioners, enthusiasts who have education, experience, passion and knowledge about jazz, funk and other music genres as well as a wish and the means to contribute to the development of Latvian music scene.

Our mission is to help listeners to find new WISE music, and bands — to find their listeners and attract new target audience. We want to build a strong and united music community that could share experience, organize and enjoy events and make music that’s close to every listener.

In 2014 Wise Music Society has organized an International Jazz day in Latvia (http://jazzday.lv/), helping the country to become a part of the UNESCO established movement, arranging 18 concerts involving 142 musicians in one day.


+371 26 77 07 07


Riga Funk Fest is located in Spikeri Square.